blue jean holo

it's franken time today. how bout another holo franken?

2 coats blue jean holo franken

i decided to call it blue jean holo because it's slightly dusty and gray with that worn-in look. which is what all of my jeans look like these days. i prefer dark wash jeans, but all the maternity jeans, capris, and even denim skirts i can find are medium to light wash. hrrrmph. not cool with me. 

it looks like my pregnant brain forgot to snap a picture of the polishes i dumped into this franken. . . . whoops. i'll post that tomorrow! but for now, here's a list of what i used-

milani hd (the silver one, which i've used for multiple holo frankens)
a few drops of milani cyberspace (the blue one)
a few drops of milani hi-res (the purple one)

update: here's the photo!



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