polish purchases: march edition

i went a liiiittle over last month :S. but i got some stinkin' awesome polishes!

hard candy gummy green, hard candy peach pop, hard candy crush on raisin

china glaze hello, gorgeous, china glaze united, milani digital, milani cyberspace

hard candy gummy green ($4.00)- when the new hard candy polishes came out, i was most excited about this one. a pretty mint green that reminds me of ice cream? absolutely yes.

hard candy peach pop ($4.00)- orange isn't usually my thing, but this one spoke to me. it looked so much like velveeta and rotelle that i had to buy it. . . . lol.

hard candy crush on raisin ($4.00)- this is a really cool, complex color. sort of bronze-y, sort of pink, sort of pewter, but definitely glinty and sparkly. glad i picked this one up.

china glaze hello gorgeous! ($4.67)- cherry culture was running a 20% off sale not too long ago, and i jumped on the chance to snag a few polishes i'd been eyeing. this pink and holographic glitter was one of them. all china glazes were on sale for $3.99, plus 20% off, plus shipping. so each of my 4 polishes from cherry culture averaged about $4.67. not bad, not bad.

china glaze united ($4.67)- this is another pick from the same "united in purpose" collection for breast cancer. they look pretty similar in the bottle, but united is darker and more coppery. i couldn't decide which one i wanted more, so i just bought both!

milani digital ($4.67)- wow, this pink one looks a lot like my new china glazes. . . . and hard candy crush on raisin too. oops! i guess i have a mauve pink thing going right now.

milani cyberspace ($4.68)- as you probably know, you can't find the milani holos in cvs stores anymore :(. i'm very sad about this, because i love these holos. so the cherry culture sale seemed like a good time to get the remaining 2 from the collection that i didn't have yet. now i have all of the milani holos- silver, gold, purple, green, blue, and pink! i'm thinking i want to try a holo gradient mani sometime soon. . . . hmmmm.


yes, i went over my budget, but i really needed the new hard candy polishes lol. not really, but i like them a whole lot. there are a few more that look interesting, so i might pick up more this month!

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