green with envy

if i remember right, this is one of my oldest polishes in my entire stash. i believe i bought it in 2009 (wow. . . . 4 years ago??) when chanel jade was ridiculously popular. i became obsessed with any and all green polishes, and when i found this at sally's beauty, it practically walked itself up to the register. i didn't know until i got home that it was a jelly, though. . . .

2 (thick) coats orly green with envy

most color-accurate

as you can see in the last picture, green with envy runs more green than it does blue. the first 2 pictures aren't as accurate as the last. by the way, this is without top coat! that's one good thing about jelly finishes. since i don't like being able to see visible nail line, i did 2 super thick coats for this manicure. that did the trick and made it opaque.

i've since collected many, many more green polishes, especially teals. but i'll hang onto this one because it's my first green, and my first non-drugstore polish! pretty monumental for me :P.

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