polish purchases: february edition

well well well. look who's actually posting her polish purchases in a timely manner. what do you know :P.

sally hansen diamond strength royal romance, sinful truth or dare, sally hansen lustre shine lava, maybelline color show metallics bold gold

sinful truth or dare ($0.99)- last week there was a coupon floating around at walgreens for $1 off sinful polishes. this was the only one that caught my eye. i'm hoping it shows up plummy, since most purples dry darker on me that how they appear in the bottle (weird). i hope it's a nice replacement for this polish, which is waaay too vampy for me.

maybelline color show metallics bold gold ($2.97)- so you guys know that i love gold, and i'm always looking for good gold stamping polishes. apparently, this cheapy is great at stamping. can't wait to test it out!

sally hansen diamond strength royal romance ($3.29)- i need another purple with gold shimmer like i need a hole in the head, but i had a coupon for $2 off any sally hansen polish. . . . this is the one that called to me. and if a polish calls to you, everyone knows you must answer that call :P.

sally hansen lustre shine lava ($5.79)- with my other $2 off coupon, i knew exactly which polish i needed. i've been lusting after this one for so long, but have been too stubborn to pay over $8 for a silly bottle of polish. seriously?? this was $8.29 for a drugstore polish?? forget about it. so i've been patiently biding my time, waiting for a good sale to come around, and finally it did. i had the $2 coupon, $0.50 in extrabucks at cvs, and they were running a spend $10 get $4 back deal. so i pounced on it. finally~!

cheeky xl b plate
and finally, the big purchase of the month:

cheeky xl b plate ($11.99)- i decided to reward myself for buying so few polishes during december and january, and treated myself to this lovely stamping plate. this is my first xl plate, so i'm very excited. sorry for the weird angle, but it was the only way i could keep my camera from reflecting in the metal. . . . i got mine here on amazon for $11.99, and you can get free shipping if you spend $25 or more.


whew, just barely over my self-imposed $25 budget. i'm psyched about the addition of new stamping images to my collection, so expect a lot of new manicures on polish cart!


  1. I love all the choices for this month. I applaud you for sticking so well to your budget.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy with everything I got this month. Thanks, I try :).


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