frank n. gray glitter

have you ever seen a mani on a nail blog that just screamed at you to recreate it? i saw this picture on the nail network and knew i at least had to try to replicate it. . . . although it didn't come out the same, i still liked the effect. and hey, new ideas for manis are always appreciated. sometimes i feel totally stumped and out of ideas, you know? i'm not alone in this. . . . right??

1 coat frank n. gray franken  + 1 coat nyc big city dazzle + 1 coat spoiled jewelry heist

i used big city sparkle for the tiny pieces of glitter. love this one. it contains red, blue, and fuchsia glitter in a clear base, and also the smallest specks of gold holo glitter. see pics of it here. jewelry heist is another gorgeous jumbled-up glitter that's hard to describe. from what i can tell, it's made up of gold and pale pink hexes, little tiny pink squares, and little tiny iridescent squares that flash blue and green. i'm not sure i did that justice with my description, but it's beautiful nonetheless. it should definitely be added to my "most beautiful polishes under $2" list, which i haven't made yet. . . . but someday!

nyc big city dazzle sells for $1.72 at walmart, or $1.99 at other drugstores. spoiled jewelry heist is $1.99 at cvs stores, but they often run 2/$3 deals on spoiled polishes. so even cheaper! woo.


  1. I totally agree about Jewelry Heist. What a knockout on the nail when it looks so unassuming in the bottle. I love this mani!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, it's one of my favorites. And for so cheap!


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