i have a winning combo to show you today! it's sally hansen lacey lilac and one of my favorite polishes- lilacquer bakeneko. so i had to name this post "lilacqueneko". . . .  get it?? lilac and bakeneko? ok, fine.

1 (thick) coat sally hansen xtreme wear lacey lilac + 2 coats lilacquer bakeneko

isn't it gorgeous over pastel purple?? i just love the warm color and the crazy fiery shimmer. sigh.

"bakeneko," in case you were wondering, means "ghost cat" in japanese lol. aren't you glad you know that valuable little nugget of information? as of right now, bakeneko is no longer available, but you can try enkelini lucky you, which looks very similar. the base color is a little darker and cooler, but other than that, definitely the same idea. i loooove the shimmer :).

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