and now, for something completely different.

i'm still away in memphis at a conference type thing, so i haven't changed my nail polish since saturday (still wearing nic's sticks rainbow's end). BUT i do want to show you something else i'm wearing on my fingers- an insane steampunk ring i got for my birthday:

photo: inspired by elizabeth

this is a picture of my exact ring that i ordered from etsy seller inspired by elizabeth. isn't it amazing?? i picked the style of the ring i wanted on her site, then chose the 2 stones i wanted to customize it with. i love how it incorporates both silver and gold. and mostly i love how it looks unique and antique (looove antique jewelry), but still sparkly and girly. basically, i'm infatuated with it.

my seldom-photographed right hand

isn't it sick?? i've been wearing it on my right hand, because of course, my wedding rings belong on my left hand.

also worth mentioning: this is the current state of my manicure that i applied days ago (i just took this photo like 10 minutes before i wrote this post). i applied it on saturday, so this is what it looks like after 4 days of wear. are you impressed? you can't see it in the picture, but i barely have any tip wear going on. i'm crediting all the success to sally hansen insta-dri clearly quick. i love that i can use this top coat to wear a holo for several days, and the glorious holo-ness remains intact. after all, you spend more money on holos, so you should be able to enjoy them for longer on your fingers, right?


  1. This ring is super cool! And your holo looks so pretty. I've seen Nic's Sticks for sale on some websites, and I've seen a tutorial for decanting them into bottles. But I've never seen them in person at a shop.

    1. Thanks, I'm so glad I bought it! Yeah, I've seen some tutorials too, but I don't think I want to buy 2 more sticks just to make 1 regular-sized bottle. That would get too expensive. Maybe if I REALLY loved a polish enough :P


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