weakness wednesday: neutrals with gold shimmer

just got home from memphis! it's so nice being in my own house, even if my "house" is a cluttered apartment that's not nearly as nice as the hotel i was just at. oh well, home is home, right?

for today's weakness wednesday, i thought i'd show you some neutral polishes of mine that are rather questionable with my skin tone. however, they are pretty, edgy shades and have lots of gold shimmer in them, which i think makes them keepers (well, most of them).

with flash

i bought china glaze golden spurs at publix (a grocery store), of all places. i've had it for a couple of years, and i only ever seem to wear it around thanksgiving. weird. it just seems very reminiscent of pumpkin pie to me. i think it's a little too dark for me, but again, gold shimmer.

you can see my swatches of china glaze classic camel here. it's definitely the weirdest and the edgiest of all 4 polishes in this post. i've been considering buy china glaze's new shade kalahari kiss, but swatches online make it look almost exactly like classic camel, without the shimmer. anyone wanna do a comparison post for me? :)

sally hansen diamond strength 3k or more! is a lot prettier in person than in my pics (sorry). it's a very pretty tan-colored base jam-packed with chunky gold shimmer. i've only worn this once, but i'm itching to wear it again. it's definitely my favorite of these 4 shades. and the most shimmery, go figure. (side note: don't you love the faceted shape of the new bottles? so pretty!)

zoya jules is 1 of the only 2 zoya polishes i own. i bought it during a zoya promo because of scrangie's amazing swatch of it, but then was disappointed by how it looked on my actual fingers. on me it just looks really dull and lifeless and almost gray. strange. i'm trying to decide if i want to keep it, or replace it with something like china glaze fast track instead. anyone want to trade? :)


  1. I agree, gold shimmer is never unwelcome in my collection! I think I have every variation! LOL!!

    1. Hehe same! I'm such a sucker for anything with gold shimmer- even colors I dislike lol.


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