fashion safari

i really love the name of this polish. fashion safari, how cute is that?? and i love the shade too. and the price (dirt cheap). there's absolutely nothing to complain about with this one!

2 coats nyc fashion safari

i really love classy, nude cremes and have quite a few of them. but this is the first "mannequin hands" shade i've ever tried. i'm not sure why i waited so long, because i love it! i think this is a great shade for my skin tone. 

this shade is creamy, shiny perfection. it's a mere $1.72 at walmart and target and $1.99 at drugstores. and psssst, nyc often goes on sale for 40% off at rite aid and cvs, which is when i stock up on my favorite top coat- nyc grand central station. i really love nyc polishes, and this one is a must in anyone's stash.


  1. Ooh gorgeous! I recently bought a nude but it's a bit too beige for my liking. I prefer creamy ones like this!

  2. Beautiful color and nail beds!! Gonna need to pick it up soon


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