amusing glitter

when i was 12, my whole room was decorated in lime burn-your-eyes-out green and turquoise. green has been (and always will be) my favorite color, but i was super into the green & turquoise combo back then. this manicure took me back to my crazy room from thirteen years ago. . . .

2 coats unnamed summer brights polish + 1 coat amuse midnight star + 1 coat wet 'n wild wild shine kaleidoscope

the turquoise glitter top coat had some silver holographic glitter in it, but it wasn't as dense as i wanted. i wanted bright green, turquoise, and in-your-face holo, dangit! so i added my favorite glittery top coat ever, kaleidoscope. now that's more like it.

phew, that was one intense mani. and a total beast to remove. my next manicure is much more subtle and elegant :P.

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