neon pastel green

so. . . . in the interest of time and laziness, i skipped base coat for this mani. what a bad, bad idea.

2 coats unnamed summer brights polish

as you can see, without a base coat, there are ridges and bumps visible on my nails. lovely, huh? also, this manicure didn't last very long (because of the lack of base coat). consider the lesson learned. from now on, base coat always!

regardless of my unforgivable nail-painting sin, i still really liked wearing this bright, happy creme. in some lights, it was super neon (see the first pic). in others, it looked like a perky pastel. i really love chameleon shades, don't you? it makes looking at your hands so much more fun :P.


  1. I love this color, it is so bright :)

  2. Whew, at least there was no staining, it's the worst when that happens!


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