henna tattoo

here's one of my favorite manicures, from over a month ago (sheepish face).

base color: 2 coats nyc fashion safari
brown stamping: sinful mercury rising

i stinkin' love this image. it's right up there on my top 10 list (which i think i'll post about sometime soon). i always seem to have better luck with images that have thin lines instead of thick ones. somehow it just transfers better. plus i think they're more aesthetically appealing, so that's a win. i wore this manicure for a week straight, that's how much i loved it :).

another awesome manicure for cheap- the nyc polish for $1.72, the sinful for $1.99, and the plate for $1.99. i call that a victory for us cheapskates :P.


  1. No matter how old the mani is, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. LOVE this~! I don't think I have a pattern that would allow something similar, but gotta try and remember to try it out :)
    Thanks for sharing, Happy New YEar :)


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