white sand beaches

i *stole* another manicure today. except i don't think it's called stealing if you give credit where it's due, right? like in a paper when you cite a source. so my source for today's mani is from alexis leigh's blog. it was one of those moments where you love someone's mani so much that your eyes bug out of your head and you instantly want to copy it. and i had all of the exact polishes she used, so it was a no-brainer. what is the internet for if not for inspiration? (but not stealing.)

 1 coat sinful snow me white
1 coat sally hansen hidden treasure

in typical polish cart fashion, the original looks much better than my version :S. ah well. i still loved it! yes, there's a lot going on in this mani, but i loved all of it. gradient! green! blue! flakies! ocean-inspired! what's not to love?

the best thing about this mani is that anyone can afford these polishes. this is just further proof that you do not need to spend a lot of money to come up with something amazing. too bad the something amazing wasn't my original idea :P.


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