this is a scheduled post, because i'm on my way to a cousin's wedding in oklahoma right now. that's right, i must be totally insane to make a 12 hour drive with a one month old baby. but i'm going stir crazy at home all the time, so this trip *seemed* like a good idea. and i love weddings- anyone's wedding! i don't care if i know you or not :P. this polish is perfect for a wedding, because it's called united. didn't i tell you it was perfect??

2 coats china glaze united

i took these pictures immediately after applying top coat, and it's already gritty! sigh. united is top coat hungry, for sure. don't worry, i added more later.

this polish looks really similar to the other pink china glaze glitter i have, hello gorgeous!. united, though, has rose and copper glitter thrown in there too, to make it a bit darker. i also think i detect some tiny green glitter in there too (look at the 2nd pic). i think i prefer united, although they're really so similar that you don't need both.

if you're not a fan of the textured (or what i call gross & gritty) look, then don't worry. i'll be showing you some awesome additions to this base color tomorrow!


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