sunday stamping: glitzy glam

so i'm back from my insane 4-day 1400 mile trip, and me and baby both survived! amazing. it was actually a good thing that i went, because i tackled some mothering obstacles i never thought i would. i've mastered changing a diaper in the back seat of a car, holding a baby and a diaper bag and a purse while walking in heels, nursing in a public restroom, and rocking baby to sleep with one arm while wolfing down mcdonald's with the other. basically, staying at home with a baby all day seems easy compared to traveling with one lol.

anyways, here's what i added to china glaze united to make it lovey-dovey for the wedding, and glitzy glam for the adventures in stamping facebook group-

 base color: 2 coats china glaze united + 1 coat pure ice spit fire
white stamping: sinful snow me white
image plate: pueen 41

yup, i love this combo! all that united needed was some pink holographic glitter on top! sigh, i never get sick of looking at holo glitter. and my #1 rule for a road trip is to add holographic something to your nails so at least you have something pretty to stare at for hours and hours in the car.

even though i don't love heart designs (too cutesy), i really liked this manicure. and i thought it was very appropriate for a wedding (and a road trip!).


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