hello gorgeous!

how about something a little girlier after all that sci-fi nonsense?

2 coats china glaze hello gorgeous!

this is a china glaze polish that i purchased from cherry culture during a sale, thinking it was a pink glitter. um, does it look pink on my hands to you?? not a bit. it looks more like a taupey-nude. not that i'm complaining, because i'm really not much of a pink person anyway. but it's just interesting that it looks so different with my skin tone than it does in the bottle-

well, regardless of what color category it falls into, the little twinkly holo glitter in this is just beautiful. and may i just add, this polish wore like a rock! i could've worn this for over a week with no chips or tip wear at all! maybe a good polish for traveling. . . . ?


  1. Oh how nice, also good to hear that it lasts so long! Glitter usually starts peeling on me the day after application :/

  2. I am really surprised how well the color looks. Who doesn’t love a little bit of glitter? I think this looks great and the fact that it wears like a rock is even better.

    from Amber Stone at PhD On line


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