baby shower #1

it looks like i'm going to have a total of 3 baby showers. what. . . .?? crazy, right? i really wasn't expecting so much love and attention from people, but i'm very appreciative :). here's what i wore last week to the first shower-

 base color: 2 coats china glaze hello gorgeous!
white stamping: jordana white
image plate: konad m39

i figured for a baby girl's shower, you have to go all out- pink, glitter, and flowers :). i think have all my bases covered. i really love how this stamp looks kind of like a floral chandelier. so pretty! my mom actually bought me this plate, and i wasn't sure i was going to use it. i'm so glad i did! thanks, mom :).

well, was this girly enough you think? i hope i can come up with 2 more super-girly manicures for my other showers. that's a fun challenge, right? :)


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