truth or dare

i finally had a spare hour while baby was sleeping to paint my nails. it seriously did wonders for my mood, even though it was just a plain, boring creme.

1 coat sinful truth or dare

most color-accurate

this was part of some limited-edition collection from sinful colors (they only have a million a year), but i can't remember what it was from. i don't really care, though, because it's so pretty! this is the perfect wine/plum color that i've been looking for forever! i've tried others (like nyc manhattan), that ended up being waaaay too dark on me, and some that pulled too raspberry (like julie g peep toe pumps). but this one is just perfect in one super-shiny coat!

the only downside about this polish is that it stains. . . . bad. but otherwise, i'm a happy customer!


  1. Gorgeous, I am seriously in love with this color! And 1 coat?!?! <3

  2. Haha, I recently just painted my nails too and even managed some mild nail art on it the next day. It does feel good doesn't it?


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