rise & shine & glitter

guess what i woke up to this morning? tons of snow outside my window! that's probably not so weird to some of you, but for nashville, it's pretty darn unusual. of course it would snow on a saturday, when i don't have to teach at school anyway. why couldn't it snow yesterday??

2 coats sinful rise and shine + 1 coat ac-ned-37

ahh, this manicure totally feels like me. green with gold and green duochrome glitter. perfect. you can see in this last picture the color shift from gold to emerald green. sooo pretty :). i wish i'd bought another one of these glitter polishes when i was in japan last christmas. . . .

if you're loving this glitter topcoat as much as i am, try sinful pinky glitter. it has very similar glitter in it, although i think it flashes more colors than just gold and green. but i think it's a pretty fair substitute. enjoy your saturday, and may your fingernails be covered in glitter~!


  1. So cute! I have a similar topcoat and I've been loving it! Especially with dark nail polishes. I'm going to try it with a blue-greenish colour too!


    1. Nice :) You pretty much can't go wrong with this kind of iridescent topcoat. I'm thinking it will look pretty over anything!


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