well, well, what do you know. another pale green creme on my fingernails today. big surprise. i wasn't going to buy this sinful polish in the limited edition cast away collection, but when i heard that it was a dupe for essie's navigate her, i decided i'd try it. i mean, it's just $2, right?

2 coats sinful olympia

when i first applied olympia, i was a little unsure. . . . i tend to prefer more honeydew melon, cucumber, sea foam, pistachio type pale greens (see my background color). this is a little darker and reminds me of pea soup. . . . or avocados, neither of which have made huge fans out of me.

i'm sort of neutral towards this green. but i am glad to have an essie dupe, especially since i don't own a single essie! can you believe that? i just haven't come across any (yet) that scream, "you need me in your collection!" 

but back to olympia- come back tomorrow to see something i added that made it definitely grow on me!

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