well, my day off yesterday didn't go exactly as planned. i could only sleep in till 9:30, because apparently my pregnant bladder won't let me have marathon sleeping sessions like i did in college. but wait, that's not all. i then proceeded to feel worse and worse all day until i came down with strep throat. yup. i realized what sucks about being an adult is that the only time you get a whole day off, you're too sick to enjoy it.

2 coats urban outfits mystic

not sure how christmas-y this polish is, but i was in the mood for it anyway. this is a purple-ish navy jelly with iridescent flakies (like those of sally hansen hidden treasure). most of the time the flakies just show up coppery, which is my favorite anyway. 

this isn't one of my most favorite polishes i've purchased all year, but it's really pretty nonetheless. and i own nothing like it, so that's a plus. and $4 for a deborah lippmann dupe? can't beat that!

actually, they're not perfect dupes. apparently the uo one is darker than the lippmann. click here to read imperfectly painted's comparison post. but really, who cares about such a slight difference?? i say, buy it!

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