31DC2012 DAY 11: polka dots

sorry i haven't posted in a couple days. . . . took a weekend trip to go see my sister at college, but now i'm back with pics of my holo polka dots!

layla mercury twilight and sinful snow me white dots over 2 coats sally hansen diamond strength garter toss

i used the end of a bobby pin to make the larger dots (layla mercury twilight) and a really small dotting tool to do the white (sinful snow me white). i really like the subtle holo effect of this mani. it's a good way to conserve your holo polishes, and still enjoy the rainbows, i think. one of my piano students told me it looked like something you would wear to a baby shower lol. and she's probably right. 

stick around for stripes tomorrow!


  1. These are great! Really like the holo as a dot!
    Great job!
    There's a new post on my blog, about a movement against deforestation in Brazil!
    Feel free to leave your comment, and sign the petition if you want, it's opened internationally!

    Have a great week!
    *Esmaltólatras de Carteirinha*


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