31DC2012 DAY 12: stripes

went the lazy route again with this mani. i relied on a magnet to make stripes for me, instead of having to do any actual artwork/stamping.

1 coat unnamed nabi magentic

sunlight- most color-accurate

this magnetic polish gave me a little bit of trouble. the magnet (which is inside the cap of the polish) isn't very strong at all, so i had to get my nail super close to it for the diagonal lines to show up. which of course meant that i accidentally smudged a couple of my nails by getting too close to the magnet, and had to start over. i would've just painted over it with another coat and tried again, but i discovered that 2 coats made the color much darker and just generally ickier. i liked the effect of 1 coat, which is totally opaque anyway.

the other thing that bugged me was that in the bottle, this shade is a gorgeous warm rose gold with lots of gold/copper shimmer. but after using the magnet, all the copper gets pulled to the front, and you can't see the rose gold anymore. just a too warm copper that looks horrid with my skin tone.

very pretty in the bottle. . . .

overall, this wasn't my favorite look. but that's ok, because i only paid $3.99 for this polish at walgreens. so no biggie. maybe i can wear this on its own without the magnet? that way it would just be a lovely rose gold metallic. or i have a hunch that this would be great for stamping. all is not lost!


  1. I have the same polish, and I recommend buying separate magnets. I have three different colors of Nabi magnetic, and they're all supremely -gorgeous- if you buy better magnets. :)

    Though my Nabi magnetics do have names. I have Cappucino and Dark Wine...I think my green is unnamed, since my stash sheet says "Green", though you never know, they might have just named it Green! ^_^

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely try mine with a stronger magnet (the new Sinful one I just bought works extremely well).

      Hmm, maybe mine has a name and I don't know it! Interesting....


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