super subtle stamping

konad image m73 in revlon gold coin over 2 coats australian oranges franken

the last time i used revlon gold coin (seen here), i basically loathed it. it does wonky things to my skin tone. however, it is a one-coater, so i tried it for stamping. it worked okay, but it shows up much more prominently over contrasting colors. the golden apricot base color i used is too close to gold for it to pop very much.

i debated over whether to post this pictures or not, since i'm feeling quite iffy about my stamping abilities. . . . but at the very least, these pictures serve as a marker for where i am right now, right? it's a marked improvement from my last all-over pattern attempt (seen here), so that's something. incidentally, they're both from the same image plate- konad m73. i do have other plates, i promise!


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