weakness wednesday: peach shimmers

welcome to this week's edition of weakness wednesday (that was a lot of "w"s in one sentence). today i'd like to showcase my love for peach shimmers. yes, i know that description sounds like a granny color, but i promise they're much prettier than that.

sunlight- you can't see all of the shimmer going on, but it is color-accurate

flash- now you can see the shimmer

the polish on top is winwax 19, which is from a japanese 100 yen store. in real life, it sort of looks like a peach version of china glaze white cap. it ended up being a lot sheerer than i expected, but it makes a killer layering polish. asian cosmetics and polishes are the best. . . . agreed? agreed.

the most orange-leaning of all of the polishes is a franken i made recently. i was trying to recreate this polish, and i think i got pretty close.

sally hansen diamond strength brilliant blush is from the old diamond strength line, and i bought this for almost nothing when it was being discontinued. i bought it because it reminded me of essie kisses & bises, which is an awesome layering effect. brilliant blush looks great over lots of base colors, and also adds gorgeous pink shimmer to any frankening concoction. i believe there's a repackaged version of this shade in the new sally hansen diamond strength line (one of my favorites!).

petites color fever peach blush is probably my favorite of the bunch. yes, peach blush is probably the most boring name ever, but it's ok because it's gorgeous. i bought this last week during the rite aid nail extravaganza promotion they were running. more about that later.

revlon peach smoothie is a polish i drooled over for a long time before finally finding it at a nearby walmart. it has beautiful little peach flecks in it, but unfortunately, it's really hard to apply. it's kind of gluey, streaky, and sheer, which is a bad combination. it needs at least 3 carefully applied coats to be opaque. oh yeah, and it smells nauseatingly like peach. i might try layering one coat over american apparel summer peach, and see how that works out. that actually sounds pretty promising. . . .

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