strawblurry franken

here's another franken i made a couple of months ago. i'd been lusting after studio m purple medallions for a long time, but couldn't find it anywhere online for purchase. so finally i had the bright idea to try to make a similar polish myself. . . . how hard could it be, right??

turns out, not so hard.

sorry for the stray glitter. . . . oops

and of course, a blurred shot to show the SPARKLE

wanna know the secret? it's super easy. i just added some red-toned purple (nyc manhattan) to some holographic glitter (pure ice spit fire). that's it.

here's what spit fire looks like on its own:

and here's my "strawblurry" franken in its mini bottle:

of course, it's not an exact copy, but it definitely satisfied my purple-jelly-with-holographic-sparkle craving. and it cost less than $4 to make ($1.99 for the pure ice, $1.74 for the nyc. . . . with lots left over). awesome.

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