surprise, surprise, another franken. i didn't really intend to do 2 franken posts in a row, but oh well. i chose to wear this one on a camping trip over the memorial day weekend. i always say (well not really, but it sounds good) that you should always wear a polish with holographic components while traveling. especially if you're driving to your destination, because at least the color-changing pigments give you something to look at! lol. i'm serious, though, it does help with the boredom. last summer my husband and i drove all the way from nashville, tn to asheville, nc and i wore nfu-oh 66. i literally stared at my hands and the myriad of dancing rainbows for the whole 10 hours.

anyways, back to this holo. i named it glamping, because i never ever go camping. in fact, my friends were betting that i wouldn't go on this trip, because they think i'm too prissy. ha! i can rough it for a weekend if i want to. but if i'm going to forgo air-conditioning and sleep in a tent in the middle of nowhere, then you can be darn sure at least my nails will be pretty!

here's glamping:

this was not an easy frankening concoction like yesterday's. i fiddled with this one for a long time. i've almost bought color club love 'em leave 'em (a nude scattered holographic) about 10 times, but always talk myself out of it. instead, i tried to make my own. first i tried adding a beige nude color (revlon gray suede) to milani hd (the silver one). but apparently, the large holographic particles in hd absorb all of the color, and turned it this strange almost white color with chunky gray holo pieces floating in it. not pretty. so i scratched that and started over.

this time, i mixed hd with a much darker nude (sinful vacation time, which i never wear because it's kind of a granny mauve-type color). much better. i also added some other colors in the effort to make it more warm-toned instead of cool-toned. other polishes in this strange mish-mash include milani hi-res (the purple holo) and wet 'n wild blazed (a coral-pink shade).

i liked the end result, and glamping held up surprisingly well during my camping trip, even with all the swimming, hiking, and making s'mores that we did.

if you want to make your own scattered holo franken using milani hd, making sure you use about 3 parts of the holo to 1 part of another color you choose. otherwise the color will swallow up the holo and you won't be able to see it. also, don't pick anything too pastel, because hd will give it a gray-ish cast.

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