viva las vegas

i really love gold shimmer. and neutrals. so a neutral with gold shimmer is just glorious to me. surprisingly, i prefer this $2 one to a four-times-as-expensive zoya version. here's the beautiful (but now discontinued) viva las vegas-

2 coats pure ice viva las vegas

the gold shimmer in this one really is insane. i love it. it's a shade that could be work-appropriate (for almost any job i can think of), but not boring in the slightest. i kept catching myself staring at my nails! in fact, i liked it so much that i didn't even feel the urge to stamp over it! gasp. . . .

like i said, though, viva las vegas came from a limited-edition pure ice collection that's not available any more. if this were a permanent shade, it would totally be on my list of beautiful $2 polishes. but alas, it's not (side note: i just spotted viva las vegas posted on ebay for $12.95. . . . ridiculous!). anyone know of any similar shades? does china glaze fast track come close? i know zoya makes one that looks deceptively similar in the bottle (zoya jules), but on me, it looks like total crap. who knows, it could work for you though!


  1. CG Fast Track looks coarser. Your version is pretty!

    1. Oh, good to know! Maybe I should've bought a back-up :S. . . .

  2. Oh I love it, very understated but oh so pretty!


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