polish purchases: april edition

i guess this month shouldn't be called "polish purchases", because I mostly bought nail art supplies- some glitter and 3 stamping plates. i think it's safe to say that i've caught the stamping bug :S. all i want to do is stamp new patterns on my manis! forget new polishes lol.

maybelline metallics narcissistic navy, nyc boat basin, nyc fuchsia glamour, nyc spotlight

born pretty store diamond nail art glequins #1 and #5, born pretty store stamping plates m77 and m76

nyc boat basin ($0.94)- nyc just came out with some new shades in their cheapest line, and this blue looked very pretty and useful. i like it because it's a dark blue, but not quite navy. it definitely still looks blue, not black, in any light, which i think is great. (hint: i'm swatching this one soon!)

nyc fuchsia glamour ($0.94)- so obviously, there's no fuchsia in this polish. it's a sheer baby pink with lots of gorgeous gold shimmer (click here for a better bottle pic). i really love this shade, and bonus- it makes a great layering polish over pastels! i'm always looking for the perfect polish that gives any creme some gold shimmer.

nyc spotlight ($1.00)- i found this (probably discontinued) polish at dollar tree, and once again thought it might fill the void for the perfect gold shimmer layering polish. you can't tell from the picture, but it's a clear polish with beautiful gold and pink flakies. can't wait to try this one out over all my boring cremes!

born pretty store stamping plate m76 ($1.99)- i've had my eye on this plate for quite some time now. i'm seriously obsessed with the gems image and the seashell-looking image. i have some awesome mermaid manicures going on in my head!

born pretty store stamping plate m77 ($1.99)- i'm not as obsessed with this plate, but the born pretty store had all their plates on sale for $1.99, so in the cart it went! the feathers and jewelry look super fun :).

born pretty store diamond nail art glequins #1 and #5 ($2.14 each)- the first time i ever fell in love with diamond-shaped glitter was over a year ago, when i saw this manicure from sparkly vernis (love this blog). basically, i geeked out. and when i came across these gorgeous holographic diamond glitters, they also got added to the shopping cart :P. although i'm a little intimidated to use them, because i've never messed with loose glitter before :S. seems complicated. . . .

maybelline metallics narcissistic navy ($2.97)- another stamping supply lol. i read about this polish and how awesome it was for stamping in the sweet polish of mine blog. and since i'm currently obsessed with stamping, i just had to have it.

nailz craze stamping plate nc02 ($7 + $4 s/h)- and last but certainly not least- my first nailz craze plate! so excited :). i've been stalking her etsy site every day for the past couple months waiting for a restock lol. i just love the tiny stars, the swirly patterns, and the cloud stamp! i realize $11 is a lot to pay for just 1 stamp. . . . but i think it will prove to be very versatile!


so, what does everyone think of my choices this month? too much stamping? :) heehee, probably. but i'm happy!


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    1. Thanks :) I certainly don't need so many stamping plates. . . . But I can't help it lol.


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