have you ever heard of a clear flaky before? no? well then you've come to the right place today :).

1 coat nyc blue basin + 1 coat sally hansen diamond strength glass slipper
 why, oh why, did i wait so long to test this layering polish out?? i've had glass slipper in my possession for over a year, and haven't had the itch to wear until just now. do i have some sort of weird disorder where i'm super excited to buy new polishes, and then squirrel them away and ignore them for years? tell me i'm not alone in this.

it's beautiful, though, isn't it? glass slipper adds a silvery, glass-like finish to whatever's layered underneath. i chose to paint this over a darker color, because i thought it would show up better. i'm not sure what this would look like over a pastel shade, but now i'm curious to find out!


  1. Oh I never heard of clear flakie before, I think I like the colored ones better but these do give kind of a patterned look to the base color.

  2. You made me want this, so I bought it this weekend, and now I'm wearing it over a cherry red. I'm thinking of posting about it soon. So...thanks a lot.


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