jelly (bean) sandwich

you guys knew i couldn't leave a mint creme alone, right? a solid green base makes me very creative :). i finally tried a manicure i've had in my head for a while now- not just a plain old jelly sandwich, but a jelly bean sandwich!

1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear mint sorbet + 1 coat spoiled pet my peacock + 1 coat unnamed love & beauty

man, i love this. look at that shimmer! the last coat of polish i used is a love & beauty polish (from forever 21) with a really cute leopard print cap. i first saw this polish on chloe's nails over two years ago, and basically ran to forever 21 to find it. i'm very sad that they don't make this anymore. i would describe it a super sheer pale yellow-toned green with lots of silver and green micro shimmer. lovely.

i don't really know why i'm calling this a jelly bean sandwich, other than the fact that my nails remind me of jelly beans and are making me hungry. . . . but everything makes me hungry these days lol. today i was on my way to work and had overwhelming urge for chocolate. so i pulled over at dollar tree and found a toblerone bar! score.


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