polish purchases: january edition

sooo. . . . i'm super late on this month's purchases update too. WHOOPS, sorry. i'm a little preoccupied these days. i've got baby on the brain :P.

snowman ($2.99)- the bottom on the bottle literally says "snowman" lol. but i don't care that it doesn't have a name, because i'm just excited that i have my first snowman polish! i always see other bloggers' swatches of these babies and they just look so darn cute. the little hat kills me. this particular polish is an interesting mix (or explosion) of aqua, silver, magenta, and crayon green hexes with lots of shredded pieces thrown in. unfortunately, i can't wear this one for several more months because it's definitely not big-3 free. oh well :S.

revlon girly ($4.99)- i've been drooling over this polish ever since i laid eyes on it online. everything i read said it was part of a limited-edition collection, so the minute i located one at a walgreens, i snatched it up, barely even upset about paying full price for a polish for once. then a couple weeks later i discovered that it has been made part of the permanent line. . . . and on sale at my local crappy walmart for a dollar less. ah, well, i'm still glad i have it because it's stunning~!

aaaand. . . . that's it. can you believe it- just 2 polishes??


yup, that's the least i've ever spent on nail polish in a month since i was probably 10 lol. but that's ok, because i definitely purchased more polish this month, and i even have some new image plates to show you! so don't write me off just yet :P.

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