i found this shimmering raspberry shade in the sinful holiday display, and couldn't help myself. $1.99 for a breathtaking polish? yes, please!

2 coats sinful dazzle

dazzle has a sort of gold and red duochrome flash to it. you could either describe this as glass-fleck or tiny flakies. . . . i'm not sure which i prefer. but either way,  i love it!

i keep wanting to call this "razzle" lol, maybe because it's a raspberry color. if you see it in a walgreens, grab it before it's gone! there are a bunch of other interesting shades in the display too. i like this shade so much that i might buy another one. . . . you know you can no longer buy sinfuls online, right? very sad about that :(. 

this is everything i wanted spoiled club rat to be. so maybe that means i don't need club rat anymore, huh? i'm thinking about weeding out some of my lesser-loved polishes in my stash over christmas break. anyone else wanna join me? :)


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