dark kiss

it's been a while since i showed off one of my frankens, so i decided now is the time. although today's is not very impressive- just a dark blue creme.

1 coat dark kiss franken

the idea is simple- i wanted a navy blue creme, but couldn't find any at the drugstore (this was over a year ago). so i bought pure ice french kiss, which is a bright cobalt blue, then added a bunch of black until i was happy with the color. i think i used the sinful black one (whatever it's called), or possibly wet 'n wild black creme. i really don't think it matters.

since i made french kiss darker, i decided to name it "dark kiss", which sounds quite ominous, don't you think? sounds like it could be the name of a twilight movie*. ha.

*side note: did you know that there are rifftrax for the twilight movies?? amazing!


  1. This is a beautiful shade of blue! I think you did an excellent job with this franken--they don't always have to be complicated to be impressive! ;)

  2. Pretty! Reminds me of Julep Eloise, which I love :)

    1. Oh cool! This was a super budget-conscious version ;)


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