31DC2012 DAY 27: inspired by artwork

today's manicure is actually inspired by artwork that's inspired by a movie lol (one of my favorite movies- disney's up~!). did anyone not cry during the first 10 minutes of the movie? because i'm pretty sure that's impossible.

i actually have this print hanging in my house, i like it so much. i decided to recreate the easiest piece of the artwork- the balloons :P.

base color: 1 coat dark kiss franken
blue dots: sally hansen xtreme wear pacific blue
purple dots: sally hansen xtreme wear lacey lilac
green dots: sinful mint apple
yellow dots: revlon colorstay buttercup
peach dots: american apparel summer peach  

i chose cooler, more muted colors for my balloons. i really liked this look, and so did all of my little girl students! one girl told me tonight that they looked like colored lanterns in the night sky :P. how cute is that?

above are all the polishes i used for the dots (to see swatches of the base color, click here). you can tell that sinful mint apple is much loved lol, because look at the crazy bottle! i think that's mercury rising that exploded all over the cap, but i can't be sure. . . .

by the way, i used the opposite end of this brush to make the dots. i don't have any dotting tools on the larger end of the scale, so i used the wooden side of an old clean-up brush for the dots. just wanted to throw that out there, for those of you who need a larger dotting tool :P.


  1. Oh man, I bawled like a baby during that movie! I sat down with my popcorn, looking forward to the Happy Balloon Show and was just totally gutted. The balloons were incredibly beautiful, though, and I love your poster!!

    Really like the muted colours you used. They're soft but still so colourful, and wow, your student is absolutely right!

    Actually been debating whether to get Buttercup, but I think you've convinced me. ;)

    1. I know, right?? It was just so sweet and sad and funny, all at the same time! Love it though.

      Thanks so much! :) I really like Buttercup. It's the softest, palest yellow cream I've seen at the drugstore. Much lighter than Sinful Unicorn.

  2. What an adorable print!! And your mani is so cute and fun!!

  3. Such an awesome poster! I bought a few postcards from some USA National Parks that are in the same style :). The manicure you did based on the poster is lovely too!

    1. Yeah, I LOVE the colors in the poster :) The purples are so pretty. Thanks!


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