31DC2012 DAY 19: galaxies

a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .

a lazy girl watched a star wars documentary with her husband and painted her nails with crazy holo glitter instead of attempting actual "galaxy nails."

1 coat nyc skin tight denim creme + 1 coat wet 'n wild wild shine kaleidoscope + 1 coat ac nail enamel d 23

actually, it wasn't a long time ago, it was just yesterday. and i didn't plan to watch a star wars documentary on "galaxy nail day," it was just a weird well-timed coincidence. but i do love me some star wars. and documentaries. and holo glitter on my nails. here's what i used-

i used 2 old favorites (skin tight denim creme and kaleidoscope) for this mani, plus an untried from the japanese 100 yen store. i believe this one (ned 23) is very similar to china glaze techno, in case you think it's as gorgeous as i do. i really like this crazy glittery mani, even if i did phone it in.


  1. That is gorgeous! I've used skin tight denim a number of times. It's a good one.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's such a good navy shimmer. And so cheap! I think everyone should own it :P.


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