31DC2012 DAY 18: half moons

this was my first time ever trying a half-moon mani. i first tried using hole reenforcers, but mine were apparently really old and didn't stick anymore lol. so time for plan B- i used a pencil eraser for the big dots. kind of messy, and definitely not perfect, but it worked.

 base color: 2 coats nyc manhattan
half moons and khaki dots: china glaze classic camel
gold dots: milani one coat glitter gold glitz

i was kind of inspired by the colors of this manicure, although mine doesn't nearly look as good. but what i love about this 31 day challenge (which is taking waaay longer than a month) is that it makes me try things i never would've before. it's nice not to get stuck in a rut, right?


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