weakness wednesday: iridescent gold glitter. . . .

. . . . in a clear-ish base. apparently i didn't know how many i had. i have got to stop buying the same polishes over and over again.


with flash (to show the glitter~!)

sinful pinky glitter is the first of this particular genre (iridescent gold glitter) that i got my hands on. i bought this a couple of years ago, and really love it. it looks like it would go on pink, but the base is really really sheer. perfect for layering. however, the newer version of pinky glitter is a much darker hot pink. not my thing. but if you're desperate for something of similar ilk, confetti confetti pink ($2 at cvs stores) looks almost identical to this older version, at least in the bottle.

orly shining star contains the smallest glitter particles of the group. i believe all of the glitter is the same. click here to see what it looks like layered.

i just picked up this new nina ultra pro in holographic topcoat last week at sally's. the whole line has been updated, and this one immediately caught my eye. it was in my cart and paid for before i could do anything to stop it lol. now the name is quite misleading because it's not really holographic. i do see tiny, tiny gold holographic specks, but mostly it contains the round iridescent glitter that i love so much.

next up is a beautiful unnamed polish from the japanese 100 yen store. sigh. i love japanese polishes so much. actually i love japanese everything so much. . . . anyway, the cap on this bottle says ac-ned-37. i think the brand is ac, the line is called nail enamel d (ned), and this is shade number 37. let's just call it ned 37, shall we? as much as i love ned 37, it looks nearly identical on the nail as pinky glitter and holographic topcoat. the green base just should be ignored.

mattese elite je t'aime is definitely my favorite. it has the chunkiest iridescent glitter, with some added larger holographic silver hexes. click here to see it in action. now i have some bad news about this polish: apparently, mattese elite is revamping their entire line of polishes, so je t'aime is being discontinued. however, they are still available here on the ricky's website for at the clearance price of $2.99. if you want it, you need to jump on that quick! i'm considering buying a back-up bottle, since i've never seen else anything quite like it. . . .

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