weakness wednesday: coral

what's more fitting for a wednesday at the beach than a slew of corals?


with flash (to show the shimmer~!)

i've owned wet 'n wild wild shine blazed the longest out of the four, as you can tell from the wear on the bottle. it's a gorgeous pink-leaning coral jelly. 99 cents at drugstores. gotta love that.

wet 'n wild fastdry waves of enchantment is from the 2011 mermaid's cove collection. this orange-leaning coral is packed full of gold flaky shimmer, which makes it almost duochrome-y and very special. it's not available anymore, but waves of enchantment is pretty close to zoya rica or spoiled shrimp on the barbie. click here to see the world's smallest swatch :P.

i just picked up sally hansen xtreme wear coral reef a couple of weeks ago, so i haven't worn it yet. from the bottles, though, it seems that coral reef is more pink than blazed (the one of the left). i already know i love sally hansen xtreme wears, so hopefully i'll love this shade as well.

pure ice twinkle- ah, the best for last. this one is more orange than blazed, but what really slays me is the gold shimmer (of course). i would pretty much wear baby food on my fingers if it contained gold shimmer lol. no, not really. what i love about twinkle is that the gold shimmer is very evident on the nail, not just in the bottle (ahem, pure ice purple reign).


hope you enjoyed my collection of corals! any other (affordable) ones i need to pick up?

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