maternity mani

i have to be the only woman in the world who's done a manicure inspired by maternity clothes. what? there was one shirt in particular that i wore over and over, because it made me look like less of a whale than other shirts, and it had a pretty grey, swirly pattern. it reminded me a lot of this stamp-

base color: essence grey-t to be here
white stamping: jordana white
image plate: pueen 33

it seems like i always smudge the image on my middle finger. why only the middle?? no idea. . . . but i was much, much too lazy to redo it. so the smudge stays.

see that pink shimmer in the essence polish above? well, i could never get it to show up on my nails, until i added a bunch of polish thinner for this manicure. it had gotten a little thick since i bought it, and the thinner really made the pink show up. you can see it a little on my middle nail. the hint of pink shimmer made the manicure just that much prettier.


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