oh. my. goodness. i waited forever for this polish to go on sale, and boy was it worth the wait. although, i think i love it so much that i would've gladly paid full price (whoa, that's a big claim). yup, all $9. totally worth it.

2 coats sally hansen lustre shine lava

how can i describe lava? it's a red, pink, orange, rust, and gold multichrome with large, shimmery beautiful particles. sigh, i'm in love.

supposedly, this is similar to mac bad fairy. but i can't verify that because i don't own any mac polishes. i don't own any mac anything, for that matter. but i do know that this is a must-have! lava was the only one from this lustre shine collection that i wanted, because it's the only one with big shimmery particles. the rest are metallic-y. but this one, this one is amazing.

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