bff fairy dust

so holo chrome is a staple of the nail polish world. it's a classic beauty that everyone should own. i've been meaning to buy it for a while now, but i waited too long. i can't wear it for the next few months, because kleancolors definitely aren't 3-free, and that's no good for baby. so no cornflower-colored holographic glitter for me :S. unless, i do what i do best and try to copy the look of it. . . .

2 coats blue fire franken + 1 coat china glaze fairy dust

i know it's not exactly the same (holo chrome has a more purple base), but it definitely quelled my holo glitter craving for now. all i did was add one coat of fairy dust!

weird lighting, but it best showed the holo glitter and pink shimmer!

i've had fairy dust for so long that i sometimes forget about how awesome it is. i'm pretty sure it could make any polish look amazing. another stable everyone should own :P. am i right?

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