park ave

i only own one taupe/mushroom/greige shade. . . . is that weird? i know those colors (you don't know jacques, particuliere, channelesque, etc.) are super popular and have become a classic now, but they just don't suit me that well. i picked up nyc park ave a couple of years ago, just to see what the fuss was about, and that was enough to satisfy my mushroom curiosity.

2 coats nyc park ave- no top coat

sorry my hands look so dry in these pics. . . . eep :S

this was 2 easy, peasy coats. i snapped these pictures before i added top coat, and look how shiny it is! i think this is another one of those drugstore gems (if you're into mushroom-y shades)- a shiny, classy polish for $1.72 (at walmart and target). i don't really get why you would want to spend more!


  1. This looks great on you! I love murky shades like these, but they have to have a hint of purple and not be too brownish, like You Don't Know Jacques. Too much brown and it looks crappy (haha) on me.

    1. Thanks :) What's the name of this murky shade, anyway? I never know what to call it :P.


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