31DC2012 DAY 4: green nails

you would think that green nails day would be as easy as eating a whole bag of gummy bears since green is my favorite color, but it was actually quite challenging. there are so many greens that i love in my stash, that narrowing it down to just one was quite a feat. i finally decided on a no-name japanese 100 yen store polish that needs more love and attention.

2 coats elfa nail enamel j

isn't it stunning? i guess i would call it a mint green frost with gold and silver shimmer? i don't know, it's very hard to describe. you can see in the pics that sometimes it appears silvery, and sometimes it looks like it has a gold flash, depending on the lighting. now i'm really wishing that i had bought another one of these while i was in japan for christmas. if you think this is as gorgeous as i do, don't worry, there are alternatives. jessica cloud mine looks very similar, from swatches i've seen online, and diamond cosmetics seafoam spray is in the same vein, but paler with more gold shimmer.

so what do you think of my cheap-but-awesome japanese polish? i actually have a lavender version of this one that i'm dying to try now too. maybe sometime during this 31 day challenge?


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