31DC2012 DAY 10: gradient nails

hello world :) i'm off the couch and starting to feel like a normal human being again. thank the lord!

1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear lacey lilac sponged with l.a. colors color craze nuclear energy

i really liked how this gradient turned out! definitely better than my last one. just fyi, i've found that a makeup sponge works the best.

this was a very cheap manicure (like most of mine). sally hansen xtreme wears run about $2.99 at drugstores, and the l.a. colors polish is just $1 at dollar tree (and other places). so less than $4 for all of it! i was thinking it might be fun/helpful to start documenting how much it would cost total to do each of my manis. . . . would that be something everyone would like to see on the blog? let me know!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) I used Nailasaurus's famous tutorial- http://www.thenailasaurus.com/2012/04/gradient-nails-picture-tutorial.html


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