hello new readers :). would you like to see my first magnetic polish encounter?

1 coat unnamed magnetique polish

i wasn't too sure about the whole magnetic trend when it first sprouted up, so i bought a cheap one to experiment with. i got this magnetique at rite aid for $4.99. i picked a color (bronze) that i would like even if i didn't have a magnet. however, i haven't quite mastered the star-patterned magnet that came with it, so i used the wave magnet from the new sally hansen magnetics:

so what do you think? i quite like it. you obviously can't capture this in a photo, but the silver magnetic part shifts when you move your hands. it looks like a cat's eye stone. a really weird but cool effect! i'm glad i tried this. even my brother (who mocks me mercilessly for always staring at my polished fingers) thought they were cool and kept grabbing my hands to look at them. ha!

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