gilded glitter

without fail, i have a strong urge to layer gold on top of coral. they're just meant to be paired together, don't you think?

1 coat nyx girls gilded glitter over 2 coats magenta twinkle franken

i bought nyx girls gilded glitter online at cherry culture before i knew that it has a yellow-tinted base. . . . the only swatches i'd seen were over black (go figure). so i've had a hard time finding something to layer this over. i thought magenta twinkle would work, because it already contains orange. you can see if you look at yesterday's post how much gilded glitter changed the shade of my base color. it definitely turned it more apricot than coral. boo :S. it's still pretty though, i suppose.

i love how it looks like shards of golden glass. maybe they should have named it "gilded glass" instead of gilded glitter? because it's not really glitter. more like metallic flakes. as much as i love the gold flakes, i'm really bummed about the yellow base. it makes everything i layer it over look. . . . dirty. i'm seriously considering buying american apparel's meteor shower, which is a very similar polish with a completely clear base and larger chunks of gold foil. click here to see it over white.


  1. Huh! I don't remember my Gilded having a tinted base! I may have to pull it out and check. I love that combination! It's so delicate and pretty looking.

    1. Thanks Kris! Yeah, it's tinted enough that it looks dingy over pastel and medium shades. But it would probably be fine over vampy ones!


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