best 75 cents i ever spent

while perusing the clearance bin at sally's last week, i found a grey-ish purple sally girl shade that looked pretty in the bottle, and it was on sale for 69 cents. . . . 75 cents even with tax! i couldn't resist.

i normally don't purchase a bottle of polish, then rush home to apply it. but on this day, that's exactly what i did. i needed something classy and work-appropriate, because i got hired to play piano at a 6th grade graduation that night. this was not the night to break out the holographic glitter. but i also didn't want to wear a yawn-inducing shade either. sally girl grape fit the bill perfectly.

in some lighting, it definitely looked gray

more purple-leaning in artificial light

if sally girl had asked me (which of course they didn't), i would've named this shade "graype" instead. don't you think?? i realized after application that they called it grape because it was grape-scented. . . . it wasn't overwhelming, though, so that's a plus.

did i mention how tiny these sally girl bottles are?? 

sally girl grape- pretty color-accurate

grape dwarfed next to a normal-sized bottle

i loved how smooth and creamy this polish applied, and loved the color. i may or may not have gone back to sally's later and bought another one for 75 cents. . . . *oops!*


  1. There's just so many right things about this post.

    A. Your hands are beautiful.
    B. Your RING is BEAUTIFUL!
    C. The nail polish color is to DIE FOR.
    D. What a great price!


  2. Thanks, that's so nice! It's weird looking at pics of my hands so zoomed-in lol, but I'm glad you think they look nice. Thanks for following!!


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