i need a refresh-mint

why, oh why, do nail polish companies think it's a good idea to name their polishes with excessively dumb, clinge-worthy names that make you ashamed to tell anyone what you're wearing on your fingers?? opi, you're the worst offender. which is probably why i only own 1 as of right now. phew ok, rant over.

regardless of the super cheesy name, this creme became one of my top 10 favorites the moment i applied it. let me back up and say that this polish (wet 'n wild megalast i need a refresh-mint. . . . phew that was long) is supposedly a dupe for china glaze for audrey. for whatever reason, i was never drawn to the robin's egg color in the bottle or in swatches online. it always looked tacky to me (sorry!!). but when the new megalast polishes were on sale for 99 cents at walgreens, i thought, "why not?" and decided to try it. when i finally got around to wearing it on my fingers, it was love.

i need a refresh-mint leans turquoise in the sunlight

more aquamarine/light teal in dim lighting

isn't it beautiful?? i'd like to issue a public apology to china glaze for audrey and all other copycats. i'm sorry for calling you trashy. clearly i didn't know what i was talking about.

did i mention this formula is easy peasy smooth? for $1.99 (or $0.99 on sale), you can't do much better.

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